Criminal Record Sealing

Record sealing is the process of having your criminal record removed from publicly available government databases.
Once your record has been sealed by our Law Firm, you can legally deny anything was ever there to begin with.

What Does it Mean to Have Your Record Sealed or Expunged in Nevada?

When an individual who has had any interaction with law enforcement or has been charged with a crime, he or she is usually most concerned with how a criminal conviction will affect their future.

Fortunately, if the crime falls under certain guidelines, the offender can have his or her record sealed, which will allow him or her to legally deny that the incident ever took place. To find out if you fall into one of these categories, please check out our eligibility page.



Easily pass any pre-employment background check after we seal your record.


Family Time

Pass school background checks so you can volunteer at your child’s school.

Benefits of Having Your Record Sealed

If an individual successfully has their record sealed or expunged, it will be as if the arrest or conviction never took place. He or she will be able to legally deny that they have ever been arrested or convicted of the criminal offense in question.

This is extremely beneficial in the job acquisition process. When your criminal record is sealed, records of your arrest or conviction will only be visible to a few specific government agencies.


Clear Past

Once we finish sealing your record, it’s like it never happened.


Felon no more

You can erase your history of all felonies*

We seal your record from all agencies!

Once we obtain the order from the judge, we send it out to all of the agencies that may store your record. This is a very important step in the record sealing process that if not done correctly can result in your record never being sealed.

State Court

We can seal in the Las Vegas Justice Court and the Eighth Judicial District Court.

Municipal Court

We can seal all charges from the Las Vegas Municipal Court.

Henderson Court

We can seal Henderson Municipal Court cases and Henderson Justice Court cases.

North Las Vegas

We can seal North Las Vegas Municipal Court and North Las Vegas Justice Court cases.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Your background will no longer come up in the SCOPE database that LVMPD uses.


Clean record in the FBI database.


We will clear your record from the The National Crime Information Center, or NCIC.

Henderson Police Department

We will erase your history from the Henderson Police Department database.

North Las Vegas Police Department

We will erase your history from the North Las Vegas Police Department’s database.


We have sealed 1000’s of records at our Law Firm. We are now opening this service as a stand-alone¬†package.

I’m so happy I was able to find the guys over at Seal My Past to help me out. I had a felony on my record and was denied a firearm. Once they expunged my record I was good to go. I now have my CCW. You’re working with a real law firm not just a document prep service.
Ron C.

I made a few mistakes when I was 18 and they haunted me into my early 30’s. I was able to seal my record and now it’s like I got my life back.

School Teacher, Las Vegas

A stupid mistake in Las Vegas almost cost me my degree I had been working 8 years on. Thanks to Mike and Chris I was able to save my degree and my career.

Hotel Management, Large Fortune 500 Company

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